Windows 10 update issues strike yet again

A Windows driver update is causing some mobile devices to not be detected properly

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Sillicur402d ago

Microsoft, just staph! Give users more control, even Home users

KingPin401d ago

it seems like MS is making windows 10 worse as it ages.
XP aged like a fine wine, 10 is ageing like milk.

seriously, first the data collection, then the ads, now more update issues. maybe MS needs to take a break from updates and test everything properly before rushing out new updates. seriously, i dont think anyone will mind if updates come out later but hassle free.

NecotheSergal401d ago

Is giving me a bad taste in my mouth, that I can say.

1) It self-installed against my will, was very close to just throwing a lawsuit at them, seeing as a woman had done the same and won.
2) It changed my systems' fucking password on me without informing me, so that one day when I turned on my PC? It was instead my Email/Outlook password - which just so happens to be a Hex Password that is 20-30'ish randomized letters/symbols/numbers as if I could fucking remember that. It changed from 'Login Password', which is simple, and Local-based to my convoluted unhackable hex password that I'll never remember. This really pissed me off.
3) The removed features obviously and the obnoxiousness behind Windows Updates where we used to be able to 'Download if we want, Install if we want, WHEN we want' now it's "You must install, you MUST download, and we'll give you a limited amount of time before we force it on you."

Fuck them, cause if this shit continues, I'll be forced to probably have to learn how to use Linux properly -_-

KingPin401d ago

actually i been dual booting linux mint for ages now and all i can say is thank god its an actual option.

linux mint/ ubuntu has made some big strides with regards to being more user friendly. linux mint is almost as pickup and play as windows is. you can literally navigate it and get tasks done without typing a single line of code in the terminal. not to mention, for some multimedia apps, mint is actually faster and smoother than windows IMO.

it wont be long before everyone starts thinking about using linux to get away from windows. sad news though is that you can never escape windows. too many apps rely on it or just dont have that much support on linux so you always going to have to dual boot and put up with MS nonsense.And then they wonder why people pirate their OS.

Deadpooled396d ago

The anniversary update bricked my laptop and I had to revert to Windows 8.1

annoyedgamer401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I remember when Windows 7 came out...the nostalgia

2pacalypsenow401d ago

I remember when Window ME came out

FBNS401d ago

I remember Windows 😗

Deadpooled396d ago

I remember windows Vista, which was a turd