Microsoft's ads in Windows 10 are getting out of control

There was an old Arabian fable of a camel, a man, and tent. In this tale, the camel asks the man for permission to stick its nose into his tent – after all – it’s cold outside in the desert and it would be unreasonable to claim that the nose would cause sufficient discomfort to the man. After this request was acquiesced to, further requests followed. “Oh can I just stick my shoulder in?”, “How about my hump”, “At this stage, you wouldn’t begrudge me my tail?”. Each request was small and unobtrusive, but at the end of it, the camel had control of the tent and the man did not.

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annoyedgamer465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Nice analogy. Windows 10 is an absolute disaster with its lack of privacy and its advertisements. I will stick with Windows 7.