Microsoft ads might suddenly appear in the most inappropriate places on Windows 10

Microsoft might soon implement ads into File Explorer.

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Sillicur350d ago

Microsoft, why you do this! Stahp!

subtenko349d ago

Says all the people who choose to go along with it (ie WIn10) (not saying you....maybe you...)

SunnyZ349d ago

How much more money does a multi-billion dollar company need?
The answer is apparently more...

rocketpanda349d ago

I look forward to community fixes that will soon get released if MS starts spamming ads.

Cobra951349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

". . . you can disable them so they will never bother you again. If you do experience this advert nagging you to buy something that you probably would have already bought it you needed it, then just head to View>Options>and look for 'Show sync provider notifications' [and untick the box]. This will now prevent any nasty adverts from randomly appearing on your Windows 10."

Done, and done. Thank you.

Edit: To go one step further, you can disable the Quick Access section, something I did soon after getting Windows 10, because I found it cumbersome. The how-to is a Google search away.

annoyedgamer349d ago

Windows 7 folks. Or if you need resources...Windows 8.1

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