This is what the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like

Images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are popping up on the internet. The phone is expected to be released on April 28th.

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Zerg565d ago

Waiting for the iPhone 8 of course! Samsung can't even get it right. They have to copy the 8 from the iPhone.

grimmweisse565d ago

The saddest comment of 2017.

KingPin565d ago

@zerg, the iphone copied the original iphone 8 times. that just shows the low level of Apple innovation that you speak so highly of.

PapaBop565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

That's ironic, if the latest rumours on the upcoming Iphones is anything to go by, it's Apple copying Samsung. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Iphone, they are supposedly offering a special curved display variant and actually buying their curved screens direct from Samsung.

-Mezzo-565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

I don't really understand what you're on.

Samsung phones have absolutely overshadowed the iPhone with the recent devices, specially the S6 Edge and the S7 Edge, I've used them both and absolutely loved them and personally cannot wait to see what the S8 Edge is.

While my excitement for the next iPhone is next to nothing. I still think the iPhone 5 was Apple's last Truly great phone.

annoyedgamer564d ago

I was waiting for the all knowing ambassador of Apple to show up.

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g-nome565d ago

As if anybody needs a higher spec phone , just for showing off