Nintendo Switch battery sourced from Galaxy Note 7 supplier

Remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year? They had some serious battery problems, to say the least. And now the company that supplied those batteries will be supplying Nintendo for the Switch console.

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-Mezzo-487d ago

This just might be a real cause of concern for many, Note 7 fiasco wasn't a minor one, and might have negative effect on Switch.

Really hope that doesn't happen though, people will be buying this for their kids as well and that worries me.

KingPin486d ago

i dont think many people would even know if they havent been told this and if there isnt any incidents of it happening to switches, i dont think anyone is going to mind.

i mean, the X360 was RROD-ing out the factory, even that didn't stop people buying them.

StockpileTom486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Samsung's problem lies not with the battery but with poor case design with too much give and flex. The case should protect the battery and other internals. When the battery is flexed there's a chance of an internal leak that mixes the chemicals in a way that they catch fire or explode (heat + compression is a good recipe for explosion).