HMD to relaunch indestructible Nokia 3310

HMD is set to re-introduce the almost indestructible Nokia 3310 at starting price of €59.

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Speed-Racer435d ago

I remember the days when these phones could last at least a week without recharge. Now I'm just amazed that my Pixel could last 1 1/2 days.

-Mezzo-435d ago

Yes, the days when my very first phone ( 3210 ) used to last nearly half a week were the best.

Some of my younger cousins have extremely hard time to accept it.

I yearn for those days, they seem like a mere dream now.

Zerg435d ago

I like this. I'll buy it and throw it at stupid Android owners to knock some sense into their heads

annoyedgamer434d ago

Disclaimer: Its not made by the almighty Apple and does not run ios.

Guitardr85434d ago

Why would I pay money for a phone that has no features and that I owned literally almost 2 decades ago?

sonicwrecks434d ago

I hope we get a full orchestral rendition of the ringtone for it, if that is the case.

MagicBeanz434d ago

Indestructible huh, challenge accepted.

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