Samsung battery factory catches fire thanks to faulty batteries

It's more bad PR for Samsung as one of their battery factories catches fire.

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Speed-Racer136d ago

Samsung should just get into the explosive business /s

Zerg136d ago

Uhhh helllo??!?!?!? Buy an Apple. Duh

bluefox755136d ago

No, even exploding Samsung phones are better than iphones.

madmonkey01136d ago

no thanks. would rather risk an explosion.

Inzo136d ago

I want to upgrade, not downgrade.

Kribwalker136d ago

78 million people disagree with you guys in the last quarter alone

NarooN135d ago

That just means there's 78 million people with bad taste. What else is new?

SirBradders135d ago

I actually can't believe how non responsive and ui unfriendly iPhones are now.

I messed around with my daughters Ipad and feel like I've been mugged.

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NerveGearneeded136d ago

ghost of steve jobs strikes again.