Gates warns against denying climate change

Bill Gates says he would pursue computer science or biology if he were a student today.

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Speed-Racer444d ago

Hopefully Cheeto Trump won't get too involved in this.

annoyedgamer443d ago

What about carbon taxes can I deny that? Mindless bombing of the middle east? Or must I kneel and submit to that as well?

kevnb443d ago

you can deny whatever you want :)

Muadiib443d ago

No one's denying climate change, we are just sceptical that it is man made and that it is even bad.

Tango_911443d ago

You can look at sites such as UN, UNEP. Unesco to see the need for change not only in energy but in our way of living. The developed world is consuming way to much stuff and creating to much waste. Any naysayers are only trying to increase economical ties and profits.
Parts of australia are having very hot nights atm 30 celcius plus. South africa is in a water crisis so I'd say its getting worse. I'm sure theres plenty of other issues. The sad part is that developing countries will be hurt most before the 1st world suffers as water, energy and population become increasingly problematic.