Comcast ranks as America's most hated company

Comcast, unsurprisingly, ranks as one of the worst companies in America yet again.

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Zerg402d ago

Sucks because Comcast is the only provider in my area :(

Speed-Racer402d ago

That's what you get for being an Apple troll

annoyedgamer402d ago

One of the reasons they are to despised, they buy the lines and create a monopoly. Not to mention the propaganda their "news" broadcasts putout.

S2Killinit401d ago

I recommend web-based TV such as the Vue, etc...

Harkins1721402d ago

Besides moving have yet to have a problem with them lol.

GT67401d ago

# 2 Comcast

Glad i left them 2 years ago switch to XBMC streaming box With Mach plus tv " its like having Free cable"

XXanderXX401d ago

They monopolies all apartment complex in the area i reside in , forcing apartment dwellers into their service and strong arm local areas into only using their services . Would rather deal with Bright house instead .