Night vision contacts could allow us to see in the dark

Would you like to see in the dark, especially when you get up from bed in the middle of the night and you are too sleepy to turn the light on? Walking sleepy with the light turned off can lead to pain, because you can hit something. Imagine what happens next. You scream, your wife wakes up scared […]

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headpress516d ago

Ok. So this tech needs to be mine now. I hope it will be available pretty soon. Just take my money inventors

brianparker515d ago

I love contacts i have monny colored ones so this one will be a priority for me, great news :D

515d ago
SarcasticDuck515d ago

i can't believe "night vision" stuff actually allow us to see in the dark!

Dirtnapstor510d ago

Actually, there was a surgical procedure for a specific visional impairment that could be done back in the 90's that, if modified, would allow for an individual to see in an array of spectrums. Military application most definitely if it hasn't been done already.

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