Mad Catz releases revamped line of RAT gaming mice

The "Catz" out of the bag as video games peripherals company Mad Catz releases a new "entirely upgraded" line of its RAT gaming mice.

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pompombrum857d ago

I see they're still making pc peripherals that look like they were taken straight out of some budget Sci Fi C movie.. do people actually finds these designs appealing? I'd probably think they looked cool if I was like 14 but judging by the prices, they're not really aimed at young teenagers.

Korix856d ago

Indeed. I think they're aimed at young teenagers with well-off parents.

hiredhelp852d ago

Im 37 i own RAT 5 90% metal chasis with high quality design high DPI.
Not only are they apealing they feel good the way they design them to fit neatly into palm your hand like any decent mouse shoukd be.