Three Ready To Trial Ad-Blocking at Network-Level

TechDaring: "It’s rather simple to download software which can block many adverts, this is true weather you’re using a smartphone or computer. However, network-level blocking is something very different."

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Speed-Racer726d ago

Say goodbye to free content. Who's going to pay for the bills of all those blogs that publish free content? What a terrible way of trying to bandaid a problem.

mechlord724d ago

So, you're basically saying we have to endure invasive, obstructing, obnoxious and fugly adverts because they enable free content? talk about being blindsided.

Speed-Racer724d ago

1) Can you tell me how many bloggers out there can get paid otherwise? Literally every new idea I've seen has been shut down. Sponsored articles...oh no! Related content...oh no! Affiliate sales...oh no! Seems everything sites try to do to make a living is always shut down.

2) The problem is at the advertiser level. There are many high-quality ad agencies that deliver more subtle ads. In my opinion ads shouldn't be blocked outright. Target those that are intrusive such as pop ups, pop unders, flashy ads, win 1 million dollars, etc. Those need to go. But to cut the entire industry would mean a lot of smaller sites could fall off the grid as a result.

I'd love to hear your solution to the problem.

KingPin725d ago

im not for disabling ads...although i do have an ad-blocker. but there are some sites i dont mind ads on like the newsboiler ones and then theres sites that spam you with flash ads, banner ads, video ads, pop up ads, links with ads on them etc etc which just makes for a painful browsing experience.

garrettbobbyferguson724d ago

Looking forward to this on my smart phone. I'm getting tired of accessing websites that opens up two extra tabs/pages because of their terrible redirect/ad systems on my phone. Meanwhile Ublock has been turned off for the websites that deserve it on my desktop.