Microsoft Enters the Linux Market

Gravis Ludus' Carl Williams writes, "It is apparent that Microsoft is definitely going through changes. For one, they have started discussing, publicly, Linux in a positive light. Anyone that has been involved in any kind of tech or gaming on personal computers any length of time will probably realize that is a new angle for Microsoft. In decades past, Microsoft usually was quiet on Linux, or had nothing good to say about it. My how times have changed. We now know of two Linux based creations that work hand in hand with other Microsoft product."

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joeorc1074d ago

"That is what we see on the surface. It could easily be a situation where that Microsoft is positioned to control Linux development in the future, even if ever so slightly. This could be detrimental to Linux as a competing platform"

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Face palm, you do know Linux is open source, trying to make claim that what Microsoft is doing to try to take control of Linux development or somehow weaken Linux this way, is missing the underpinnings.. Foss makes sure that no such actions would allow such under Linux license. It was built for such reasons to make sure no single one company could do such with Linux.the licence makes it that way..and if you do such its not open source anyway, thus you have no protections in such to be Linux Foss compliment, in such a means thus it comes down to the companies if they would want to use a non opensource switch in this case just like always.

triverse1074d ago

Good points. Still, the fact remains that MS is capable of, maybe not succeeding at, creating a closed non open source variation that could become extremely popular and usurp Linux for the mainstream market.

They are already doing a lot of "controlling" through patent protection actions.

joeorc1074d ago

But here is the thing , they had to apply parts of such for Foss, so trying to control parts of such will only go so as far the licence of open share or the others will just refuse to use such if the restrictions would exclude other Operating systems from usage at the exclusion of those switches is if they must use a closed Linux platform to do so..with these being based on network switches, I doubt they would use over BSD, or Linux clients that would in no doubt provide performance and open stance to provide secure opensource without locking restrictions. When the opensource would provide such without need to completely cut off other Linux based switches that are open.

triverse1074d ago

@Joeorc True. Very good points. Still, MS has quite a hold on many a user. Is it enough to turn the tide in their favor in instances such as this, or larger ones? It is too early to tell.

Maybe they will simply lose interest due to lack of support for their products in the marketplace? Right now that is not likely to happen since they are not releasing this software (ACS) to the public or other professionals.