Top VC Says Gene Editing Is Riskier Than Artificial Intelligence

Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla fears gene manipulation more than computers taking over humankind.

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Cueil1200d ago

Gene manipulation has been happening for eons...

Tiqila1200d ago

rofl @ the risks of artificial intelligence...
everyone fearing AI revolution is watching too much movies

frelyler1199d ago

It is watch too many movies, not much. Also, the theories and dangers of AI are very real once advanced enough. Maybe you should leave the heavy thinking to those better equipped to do so.

Tiqila1199d ago

Species on earth are disappearing faster than anytime before since the extinction of dinosaurs. This is a real threat.

Global climate change, loss of biodiversity, pandemics, nuclear/biological terrorism are real threats.

A malicious AI is as much a threat to mankind as a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion. People like to fantasize about these things, thats OK.

HRoach6161199d ago

I don't know, even Stephen Hawking has said true artificial intelligence COULD be a devastating thing to mankind in the wrong situation. I tend to trust the things he says