iPhone 7 concept and video

"A new possible iPhone 7 concept surfaced these days on the internet. This particular concept offers the solution in case the smartphone is dropped. Usually, when a device of such kind falls from a relatively big height, its screen and body could be seriously damaged. "

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emilysmithltg1203d ago

This looks and sounds much better than the airbag patent Apple filed a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like a much better tech to use than what Apple had in time. That just goes to show how much the company actually cares.

pressjudge1203d ago

You are so right. Love this iPhone 7design.

extremefinance1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

pretty much exicted for iphone 7... awesome concept especially with the protection case.By adding this extra protective case in iphone 7, it has made its way towards setting up a milestone in The Apple Inc. As many phones and gadgets when fall from a distant height broken their screens. just love this design.. Apple is becoming more and more good gradually

thereapersson1203d ago

There are many companies making drop resistant phones these days. Apple is not the first; LG V10 is shatter and drop resistant. There have been others before.

extremefinance1203d ago

Yeah! I know that there's a lot of more companies making these...
But u knw what...!
Apple's got class...
Or maybe I m telling this all because of my craziness towards apple...!

thereapersson1203d ago

Probably the latter, but at least you admit you're biased.

headpress1203d ago

I say in a few years iPhone will become a great product in every aspect of the phone. It is not a bad product don't get me wrong but it has it flaws.

level 3601203d ago

In the future we won't need to carry anymore phones, we'll all be wearing wristbands that will 3D project ( via hologram ) and with the option to enhance/enlarge all messages/videos in HD/4K or even higher.

annoyedgamer1203d ago

At this rate the iPhone 10 will have the up-to-date specs...from 4 years ago.

eferreira1203d ago

If you're good, maybe your mommy will buy you one for Christmas and then you won't be so salty. If not, just double up on your paper route.

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