The refrain: Stop repeating yourself

Repeating dire claims about the iPad Pro does not make them true.

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Revvin1204d ago

Hopelessly clinging to a brand and defending it to the hilt doesn't help it either. I found the iPad Pro launch a complete disappointment where as the Microsoft one made me start looking closer at their devices and trying to find out more about them. My iPad 3rd Gen is now showing its age. Since the last iOS update it frequently hangs for several seconds, has become slow and is now starting to impact on my mobile browsing experience.

I looked forward to Apple's presentation because I thought I'd be seeing something aa little more revolutionary from them. They created a remarkable device with the iPad, they refined it, slimmed it and for some models shrank it so what could they do next? Well I was hoping for a full Mac OS experience in a tablet, I'd seen the past Surface models but Windows 8 was an awful experience in my opinion so I hoped Apple would come up with something more than just another iPad...but they did, a jumbo iPad. Despite their usual claims of reinventing or being revolutionary or unlike anything they had done before all they gave us was a jumbo iPad with an overpriced pencil that looked more like a chopstick due to its silly size.

Contrast that to Microsoft who now seem to have a bit of mojo back post Ballmer and have done a great job with Windows 10. I've been happily using it on my desktops and laptop but never really gave much thought to what they were doing with it in the mobile category because of my poor experience with Windows phone and Windows 8. I watched their presentation more out of curiosity than anything but was blown away by their presentation. It was slick, less of the dreary previous presentations and the devices looked great. I'd vowed never to own a Windows phone after using one years ago yet I'm now thinking the Lumia 950 XL would be a great phone to have, especially with continuum. The Surface was always a bit too expensive for my mobile browsing needs but I started to look for a more complete experience and the Surface Pro 4 would give me that yet still keep to a useable mobile form factor.

The prices too, Surface was always a case of "well its nice but the price.." but I can buy a Surface Pro 4 and have a much more complete mobile solution running full Windows apps for around the same price as the jumbo iPad and I get a stylus thrown into the deal too that is a more refined product. I went through two generations of iPhone before switching to Android because Apple failed to keep pace with their competitors and just released the same thing year on year and now I think my iPad will be replaced by a Surface Pro 4 because again Apple failed to keep pace. Without Jobs they are like a boat without a rudder and Tim Cook will just slowly let them drift into decline.