Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate 99% Of His Facebook Stock To Charitable Causes


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan vowed today to “spend our lives doing our small part to help” solve the world’s problems — in part by giving 99% of their Facebook shares, now worth $45 billion, to worthy causes.

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WizzroSupreme1207d ago

Nothing like paying it forward. Good guy.

WelkinCole1205d ago

True. They say fatherhood or parenthood is pretty special but this takes it to another level.

It makes sense though what they are doing.

1. Even with their 1% or just his salary any person on earth would still live extremely well.

2. When you die you obviously don't need the money nor take it with you.

However what is more important is the world you leave behind for your love ones and they do care really much about that world that their daughter will be living in.

suli55951205d ago

That 1% is close to half a billion dollars. So through word extremely is still an understatement.

suli55951205d ago

Nothing better than untaxable charity accounts as well. Sad, but true.

Petro1205d ago

Unfortunately he is a absolute bastard, he is actually paying his own charity to avoid taxes, not a single penny will go to any person in need from that money.

hay1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

And he's passing Facebook(which he stole) ownership to that charity intiative making it a charity and an evil corporation at the same time.
If this doesn't yell 'Hail Satan' between the lines then I don't know what does. It's like a fricken molester in a priest gown.

dcbronco1205d ago

It would be extremely hard to hide it in a charity because like any corporation they have to disclose salaries. It would be obvious pretty fast. So this isn't a tax shelter. A failing business is a better tax shelter. Or a Swiss bank account or Caymans account. Charities don't work for that. Sorry to hurt your feelings. He's actually giving it away. Doubt the Winklevaases would have. Giving your entire fortune away is really old school or really new school.

alti1205d ago

45 billion is a ridiculous amount of money.. 30 billion a year solves world hunger. SOLVES it.

level 3601205d ago

The Force is with you Mr. Zuckerberg!

Bobafret1205d ago

Let's hope most of the money makes it to these charities rather than whatever CEO's are involved.

dcbronco1205d ago

Their starting their own foundation like Bill Gates and his wife. But their children look like they will get a lot better deal than the Gates children. Bill Gates' children get ten million each. He said if they can't make it on that they don't deserve to make it. Most people never get that type of opportunity. And the kids say they are cool with it. No lawyers needed.