Mark Zuckerberg Will Take Two Months Off From Facebook For Paternity Leave

Mark Zuckerberg, the face of Facebook since the company’s founding back in 2004, will be taking a few months off for paternity leave.

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2pacalypsenow1215d ago

Yeah when you're a billionaire, its easy

dcbronco1215d ago

Yeah, in Merica you're lucky if you get a weeks vacation. Cause Americans don't want there rich corporations to have to provide benefits or nothing. Why do that? Just keep salaries so low that the government will take care of them. Keep those profits and buy yourself another set of solid gold bathroom fixtures.

Hellz yeah.

MasterD9191215d ago

Ehhh...feel free to take off the rest of your life, Mark.

2pacalypsenow1215d ago

Facebook is optional, when people agree on that TOS they have nothing to complain about

slate911215d ago

Take 2 months off of invading privacy and furthering government-spying? Cool.

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