The Verge | 'Earin Wireless' Earbuds Review

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After a year of crowdfunding campaigns and months of production delays, the first company promising truly wireless earbuds has finally shipped a product to its backers. Earin, a small startup from Sweden, was not one of the companies showing off wireless earbuds at CES at the beginning of this year. Instead, it was hard at work doing what those other companies haven’t — actually delivering on its promise.

That leaves Earin in a sort of unenviable position. By being first (or likely, eventually, “one of the first,” as Bragi has shipped “developer” versions of its Dash earbuds; clearing up exactly which company was first might become a minefield), they are the first to bear the weight of the entire idea of the product.

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WizzroSupreme1220d ago

Wireless ear buds? Wow. We have come a long way. Never even heard of these before under the comfortable rock I live under.