Windows 10 Mobile: will it bring Windows Phone back?

Windows 10 Mobile should be landing on Lumia devices in December, but can the Microsoft store cater to the needs of the modern audience? With Windows 10 adoption skyrocketing, users are wondering whether the mobile solutions from Microsoft will revive the Windows Phone. Developers are wondering if Universal Windows 10 apps have the potential of bringing back the forgotten brand.

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dcbronco973d ago

The Windows phone doesn't have apps knock died months ago when Microsoft announced they would be making IOS and Android apps work on Windows 10 devices. That argument needs to die. And having articles still written about it isn't a Microsoft messaging issue. It's a issue where sites that are technology based seem to be oblivious to basic information. The Verge is the original source this is based on so I would think twice about using that author as a source of inspiration again. They're obviously not really that into tech.

Revvin973d ago

The last Windows phone I had was a Lumia 820 IIRC. It was a phone issued to me by the company I worked for and I hated it. At the time my personal phone was an iPhone 5 and the 820 was awful by comparison, very few apps, it weighed the same as a housebrick and the battery life was truly truly awful, I had to buy our team car chargers just so they could last the day on moderate use. The guy who organised the company phones wasn't really tech savvy and got steamrollered by the reps selling the phone contract, I used to joke that Windows phone should come with a free punch in the face because if you bought one you had been mugged. Fast forward past the Nokia years and I really like the look of the 950 and 950XL, so much so if someone came up to me now and offered a swap for my Xperia Z3 I think I'd swap.