Giraffe learns to play chess in a day: AI report

"Giraffe is not a mammal with a long neck who’s a champion at cleaning up tree tops. Giraffe is actually an AI or artificial intelligence who has amazed the industry with its performance these past few days. "

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Minimoth945d ago

Chess is easy, let me know when Giraffe learns to play Starcraft 2.

spicelicka944d ago

But Starcraft 2 can already play Starcraft 2...

emilysmithltg945d ago

It's not the first nor is it the last AI to learn board games. But neural networks? Now that's something I'm looking forward to on a more global scale

Tiqila945d ago

It's also not the first AI that uses neural networks. Google has a whole department dedicated to reasearch in that area (DeepMind). As far as I know most of reinforcment learning algorithms are based on neural networks. Personalised ads use them to "learn" what you might be interested in.

sjaakiejj945d ago

The innovation isn't neural networks or learning board games. These sorts of things have been around for many years (Neural Networks have been around since the 1950s). The innovation is the approach that was taken for achieving this goal, creating the first type of AI that can actually "think" about things. Unlike other algorithms used right now, this algorithm seems to work fairly closely to how humans learn.

Tiqila944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Would be nice if that was true. The article misses to mention who exactly is referring to Giraffe as the "first thinking AI", and what component of Giraffe does the actual thinking.

Skimming through the students thesis ( it seems to be an application of deep learning to the game of chess, with automatic feature extraction. Remote from being a major breakthrough in AI research.

sjaakiejj944d ago

Article does fail to mention this, and I hadn't had the time to look through the paper myself. I put thinking in quotes though since it was implied that this was merely a process of automated pattern recognition and feature extraction. It's interesting and can certainly be classified as an innovation with regards to the area of application, but like you said, not a major breakthrough in the field.

pressjudge945d ago

Indeed. AI improvement will be visible only on a self.awareartificial intelligence, but that means humanity is close to extinction.

NarooN944d ago

Clicked on the article and was immensely disappointed to discover it wasn't an actual giraffe.

netizen944d ago

Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one. I came here to see giraffe playing some chess.