Windows 10 doesn’t need your approval to download

"Even if you didn’t reserve a Windows 10 copy it will be downloaded alongside other updates. Its downfall is that the upgrade takes up between 3.5GB and 6GB of storage"

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Aldous_Snow954d ago

Even though it doesnt install, its still pretty shady. Especially for those on a capped connection.

Been playin with win10 for over a month now and its nothing special. Overated

3-4-5952d ago

Probably sticking with 8.1

sonicwrecks953d ago

The more I hear about this the more I'm glad I've stuck with Windows 7.

Chucky2003953d ago

Good that I have win 7 with autoamtic updates turned off

annoyedgamer952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Windows 7 >> ALL

Its a product of a bygone era when privacy and safety were top priority. We demanded an OS that served us not the feds and corporations and we got it.

D3athc3ll952d ago

I've had windows 10 for a while now. It's bad. Nothing special. Thinking about going back to 7 or 8.1

Those of you still runnning 7, don't upgrade!

Eldyraen952d ago

Because he said so! (Spoken in parent to child voice)

I haven't had any problems with it personally. I pretty much like it as much as any since XP but 7 is still "better" for some people I suppose. I would say it's better than 8 for just about anyone but guess it depends on the person still.

KingPin952d ago

from personal experience its actually quite great or very bad....depends which point of view you have.

good points
-New UI makes it easier to get around.
-lightweight. requires less resources.
-stable, even for a new OS its quite stable and doesnt have a lot of issues compared to previous OSes at launch.
-supports a lot of devices out of the box. sound cards,network cards, etc.

bad points
-things cant be deactivated like automatic updates and certain data that sent to MS.
-the keylogger thats installed by default.
-the tracking is insane
-way too much data is collected more than my personal liking.

so if you dont care too much about your privacy and have the "i have nothing to hide" mentality, then sure, windows 10 will probably be awesome for you. but if you like me and think, "whats the need for all that data. gets a bit too personal" then yeah, youll probably dislike windows 10.

shuuwai952d ago

It's not bad. when you click accept. you're allowing MS take your internet trail log. They also spy on your web browsing site habits. If you got Window 10. Read this.


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