Apple Is Trouncing Samsung In China

A recent report by IDC shows that Apple has had a very solid grip in the Chinese market following the launch of Phone 6 and 6 plus.

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proudly_X888d ago

Samsung seriously needs play its cards well. Dropping shipment by over 50% year in year our isn't goodnews for any mobile vendor.

donwel887d ago

Considering most of Samsungs devices run on Googles Android and China blocks quite a few of Googles services, I can't say I'm surprised that Apple are popular over there.
I'd take a handset that works over a nerfed one anyday.

thorstein887d ago

Apple is not popular in China. It is more popular than Samsung, but it isn't the best selling phone there.

dcbronco887d ago

I'm not sure this is much of a surprise. People in most countries usually choose a homemade product over a foreign made one.;)

SilentNegotiator887d ago

You're joking, right? Many Samsung phones are made in China.

dcbronco887d ago

I'm sure Samsung makes phones all over the world along with their other products. But they are still mostly a home business. With the phones being made at this place


SilentNegotiator887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

As it says in the article, that's where they paid the writer to visit, but they have production plants all over, including China.

I'm sure Apple's new US plant will be just as dolled up and press-proof compared to the trashy factories that they use in China, same as Samsung.

eferreira887d ago

Well Apple does make a great product.

Trunkz Jr887d ago

and then sell them at a high price.

LOL_WUT887d ago

Nothings stoping you from getting the low end model ;)

dcbronco887d ago

The high price of the low-end model stops me.

LOL_WUT887d ago

@dcbro Don't be cheap not everything should be free ;)

dcbronco887d ago

Wut no one is asking for free. I don't mind paying a reasonable price. But the markup on Apple products is a little much. It cost them less than $350(?) for each top tier iPhone. $900 is overpriced. They could make a very nice profit at the $600 price point.

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thorstein887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Yes, but what are the top selling mobile phones in China?

Edit: ok. 5 other brands are tops. Apple is beating a poorly selling Samsung. Umm, congrats?