2.15 Million People Still Pay AOL For Internet Access

Every so often, Consumerist likes to check in with AOL, our ’90s onramp to the information superhighway that somehow still exists and has been working to remake itself as a media company. While sites like the Huffington Post and TechCrunch bring hundreds of millions of people to ad-supported stories and videos, AOL still makes tens of millions of dollars from their classic business model of collecting subscription fees for Internet access.

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Stringerbell1164d ago

Indeed. I cant even remember the last time one of their free trail disks showed up in the mail.

FlameBaitGod1164d ago

I remember their mall booths LOL!..... I feel old :'(!

Nilla_Nate1164d ago

You see these people everyday and don't know it...

ChrisW1164d ago

The only good thing I got out of AOL was those free CD cases I used for my photo CDs. The AOL installation discs, of course, were promptly thrown away.

Summons751163d ago

Thrown away, such a waste when they made perfectly good coaster :)

Agent_00_Revan1163d ago

I used them as concrete walls. They explodes beautifully!

hesido1163d ago

Best business ever (75% of its users are not even using it for accessing the internet, according to the article)

s45gr321163d ago

That's what shocked me the most

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