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AMD To Launch New Desktop GPU This Quarter (Q2’15) With HBM

Having just left the stage at AMD’s financial analyst day is CEO Dr. Lisa Su, who was on stage to present an update on AMD’s computing and graphic business. As AMD has already previously discussed their technology roadmaps over the next two years earlier in this presentation, we’ll jump right into the new material.

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ZoyosJD950d ago

Can't wait to see the numbers. Should be interesting seeing real world performance numbers for HBM.

KingPin950d ago

wow, first this, then the new cpus.

loving it. looks like i'll just wait now before buying a new pc.

ChrisW950d ago

"Superior VR Gameplay"

Mmmmmmm... Doughnut!

DivineHand125950d ago

They were really dragging their feet with this update and I really hope they don't mean it will launch at the end of June when they said Q2.