Microsoft has a new tool that guesses your age based on a photo

At the Microsoft BUILD developer conference today, the company gave us a look at, a really cool platform that estimates your age based on a picture.

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KnowTechie902d ago

it's mostly off for the most part.

Stringerbell902d ago

This is like that guy at a carnival who tells you to step on that scale that supposedly guesses your age and weight.

Sahil902d ago

Girls all over the world will be furious with the news.

KnowTechie901d ago

luckily for them the results are all over the place.

Soldierone901d ago

Lmao! I tried probably 10 pictures before it even recognized a face, then when it does it's seriously +20 years off every time. I tried family faces and everything, it always adds 20 years or more. (One it added like 30 years and said the person was 70 lol)