Samsung Removes “Ok Google” From Galaxy S6 Without Explanation

Samsung has removed the “Ok Google,” a feature many users claim is the holy grail of Goolge search app on the Samsung Galaxy S6. This “Ok Google” allows users to perform search anywhere within the device.

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proudly_X1030d ago

I hate it when corporation force users into buying stuffs, and they buy it.. They start removing features in sequence instead of adding.

KnowTechie1029d ago

Can samsung do that, I mean legally?

proudly_X1029d ago

I am pretty sure they can.. Otherwise they Samsung won't have take the first step

freshslicepizza1028d ago

i cannot stand companies who want to speak on behalf of their consumers. if you cannot offer them the choice then the feature isn't worth having because it means you are worried they won't use it. apple tried this nonsense with google maps too.

thereapersson1027d ago

Welp, looks like this removes the next Galaxy off my possible phones to buy list! I use OK Google all the time, and I'm not touching Samsung bloatware or any of their contrived alternatives to Google Voice Search.