The Apple Watch: 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

The Apple Watch is the most popular gadget in the tech market right now. With three models launched: Apple watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition in 18 carat gold, it is apparent that the company has put an incredible amount of effort, cash, and thought into the Watch.

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proudly_X1175d ago

I do not know what you think, but I think the author has some solid points. Now on the fence though..

Tiqila1174d ago

3. It Is First Generation

^ smartwatches are out for how many years now? We are past the second generation of smartwatches now and though this is the first product apple delivers in this market, they surely should not make the same mistakes. Then again, it is apple and people buy their flawed products anyway. Don't buy this watch if you have any common sense.

freshslicepizza1174d ago

it's useless without an iphone, therefore it's even more useless to me. and who buys a new watch every year or two? that is exactly what apple expects, good luck.

Gondee1173d ago

Not a very well thought out list. And number 4 ahahahahahaha smh

Speed-Racer1173d ago

Leave it to a travel blogger to write about the Apple Watch. Bwhahaaha and this is tech journalism?