Apple Watch bugs and issues start piling up – duh

Indeed, there are a couple of Apple Watch bugs already being discussed by community members, baffled by the seriousness of them.

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pressjudge1033d ago

This happens when a company is over confident.

Speed-Racer1033d ago

No. All products have their share of bugs and what not on launch.

Tiqila1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Not sure what you want to say. There are smartwatches with fewer and less major bugs than the apple watch. Apple is usually known for high quality products and now they deliver a rushed out product that can not be charged in some cases.

Speed-Racer1032d ago

@Tiqila - Just saying over confidence has nothing to do with it. Sometimes you can test, test, test, and issues don't arise until they go live a more real world setting. When you've got very limited time constraints as well, these little problems tend to pop up only later on.

UKmilitia1032d ago

doesnt matter they could crap in a bag,put an apple on it and call it an IPOO and peopel will buy it.

eferreira1032d ago

Funny how there was an article about all android phones subject to virus's and no one comments. Couple Apple watches have bugs from the millions sold and everyone craps on them.