Google's struggling social media platform Google+ may be splitting up

Google+ may finally be down for the count. Read our complete breakdown here.

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Speed-Racer937d ago

G+ was a fail from the start. They have a good few qualities but not enough to get users switching by the masses

KnowTechie937d ago

Yea, you're absolutely right. However, one thing they did right was their Photos.

Stringerbell937d ago

It nearly destroyed YouTube lol

SilentNegotiator937d ago

They could have integrated G+ without ever making it automatic/mandatory/ obnoxious and things would have been fine, but they chose to force it on us and it only repelled people.

KnowTechie936d ago

Yea I agree. When they started force feeding us Google+ as a mandatory thing, it killed them.

xer0936d ago

Damned if they do.., damned if they don't.

welly300936d ago

Love g+ if it does go ill be sorry to see it go.

Smokeeye123936d ago

Who the fuck makes a social media website and just named it after their company and adds a plus? Imagine if Microsoft made one and called it Microsoft +.

The name is part of the reason it failed.

subtenko936d ago

Microsoft did do something like it... Microsoft Xbox One (minus the plus) because its a negative console,haha hahahahaha

I'll get my coat..

Software_Lover936d ago

After it fails, can we please allow Google Voice to use 3rd party apps again? Can we please get those apps on Windows phone lol.