PS4: A Phenomenal Year

PYB: PS4 has had a phenomenal year that even Sony execs were unable to fathom, but one should not discount the Xbox One just yet.

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joyride911300d ago

Proud to own a PS4. 2015 is going to be as phenomenal.

hduce1299d ago

Proud to own all of the current Gen systems.

TXIDarkAvenger1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

2015 looks like its going to be a lot better for PS4.

Helloween131299d ago

Awesome year for PS4 and next year will be better

ballsohard20131299d ago

um ok no it wasnt a phenomenal year... wheres the damn games? lol. Ok you have the lead with hardware now Sony gotta get those games to us man....

PeaSFor1299d ago Show
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