Skype security flaw allows for easy spying on Android users

"Did you ever wish that you could just spy on someone via Skype? Well, apparently now you can. Multiple recent reports are claiming that you can literally force an Android device to answer your call and the owner of the said device might not even be aware of what you’re up to. In short, you can call someone and just answer that call yourself by exploiting a security flaw found within the program."

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emilysmithltg1308d ago

Yay, just what I needed, after Chrome stabbed me in the back.

aranatecharete1307d ago

MS might have taken notice of this and they would be fixing the problem soon in an update (finger crossed. Otherwise it be a serious concern for whole of the android universe. :/

ArtificiallyYours1306d ago

Skype mobile is garbage, and the latest UI update is an example of why shoving metro into every corner of the competition is bad. Metro isn't even an applicable Desktop interface, but runs excellent phones. That needs to change with Windows 10.