Who Needs Samsung? The BlackBerry Classic Is Here

Samsung has dominated, and it’s still dominating but its powers have begun shrinking, its mobile future is falling apart and they have been unable to make Tizen work.

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proudly_X1305d ago

Is this usual? I have developed unconditional love for BlackBerry since I started the Z30 :/

Devil-X1305d ago

Who needs a blackberry or a samsung when Motorola is killing it with their latest nexus device.

Sitdown1305d ago

One could argue that limited stock is preventing Motorola from killing it.

KingPin1305d ago

who needs samsung or blackberry when the HTC One M8 is an option.

SouthClaw1305d ago

Screw you all who needs any of them when you have a Nokia 3330. Pasts drop tests perfectly. Long life batery. Has games. It will last longer hardware wise than most throwaway phones. Boom.

Speed-Racer1305d ago

Bye Blackberry. Please don't come back.

proudly_X1304d ago

You clearly have not used any of the recent BlackBerry phones.. BlackBerry is already making a nice comeback :P

Speed-Racer1304d ago

I won't throw my money their way just yet. Talk to me in a year and let's see where they are. Not a Sammy fan though. Windows 8 and Android 5 are making strides, so I'll wait and see how BlackBerry fares in an even more competitive market.

proudly_X1304d ago

Well, I was skeptical.. I do understand your point of view.. I took the risk and I don't regret it..

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