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Google Announces First Build Of It’s Fully Functional Self-Driving Car

Search giant Google says it has finally completed its first functional self-driving car prototype. In May, Google unveiled a mock-up of it’s Self-Driving vehicle, which didn’t have pedals, mirrors and steering wheel.

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reddevilandy101153d ago

Google's styling department is about as lazy as Porsche's.

cl19831153d ago

Porcshe at least had style at one point, I wouldn't say google has had any yet.

cl19831153d ago

I wonder how these vehicles work in snow, ice, and other freezing weather?

nix1153d ago

we thought the self driving car would be something like a car from 'Knight Rider' but hey..

SouthClaw1153d ago

Yeah that looks like it got hit with the ugly stick a few times

Speed-Racer1153d ago

Meh. They always start ugly. Look at the Prius. Years later, we have new McLarens that are semi electric powered and still look badder than ever.

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