Most anticipated tech items of 2015: top 10

When I talk about next year, I usually think about the most anticipated tech items of 2015 because that’s what makes me excited about current developments and upcoming breakthroughs. While I do love all kinds of gadgets, phones comes most in handy and they are the dominating items in my top ten most anticipated tech items of 2015 list. 2014 marked the emergence of an even stronger smartphone culture that is increasingly influencing the way we choose to live our lives.

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pressjudge1457d ago

As a tech fanatic i would recommend this list.

Spiewie 1457d ago

The HTC M9 looks fantastic. Slick device it will probably be very pricey but we'll worth the money.

saqqi011456d ago

The list is just perfect but few items would be pricey like Apple Watch, Bendable, flexible mobile display or Sony smart band and iPadPro. These will also be the highest search trend in 2015

AsmaMohd1456d ago

Great list for techies! I think it's not the time yet for a smartwatch to replace the full functions of a smartphone. For calling purposes maybe it can, but texting and chatting from the tiny screen of a smartwatch would be silly and frustrating.

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