Sorry, Everybody, Your Feelings About BlackBerry Are Now Meaningless

Techrez writes, "I have been too critical about BlackBerry, the former leader of smartphones under Thorsten Heins was heading for doom. The company was good as dead, majorly because it couldn’t re-invent itself."

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Software_Lover1458d ago

I've never had/wanted a blackberry.

SouthClaw1458d ago

BB was great 2+ years ago. People have now moved on. Welcome to the world of Nokia. Ruled the world one day and died soon after. Businesses need to learn from these companies. Change with the times or die.

dcbronco1458d ago

Nokia isn't big in the U.S.. Kinda big in developing nations. Could make a high end comeback if Microsoft does the right things.

SouthClaw1457d ago

Lol Nokia was huge in America and Europe. Years ago around the time of the 3330. Maybe you're too young to remember those days.

dcbronco1457d ago

I'm betting I'm older than you. But here's something to look at. And read my post again and look closely.

Spiewie 1458d ago

Blackberrys were never my cup of tea. My first phone was a Nokia flip phone then the Motorola and Android ever after.

kingPoS1458d ago

Blackberry... I can't say that I've ever used one before, I did however try an I-device, but ran into problems, namely the required software bogging down my pc. In the end, I'm happy with my android phone & tablet.