Instagram Rapture complete, millions of accounts deleted

"Instagram is now a lot emptier as millions upon millions of accounts have been deleted recently. If you have an account on the site you need not worry because only those that were posting spam have been deleted. "

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emilysmithltg1308d ago

This is so funny. I would have liked to see the faces of those with millions of followers, how their jaws drop seeing their numbers slashed.

iNFAMOUZ11307d ago

scream into their pillow, WTFFFFF

Minimoth1308d ago

lol Akon lost 56% of this followers. Who still listens to him anyway?

nix1308d ago

there was one guy - chiragchirag78 who lost like 99.9998% of his followers. he finally ended up with only 8 followers.

FlameBaitGod1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

lmfao he lost 3 mil

Speed-Racer1307d ago

The bigger question is who is chiragchirag78?