iPhone 6 is the most popular smartphone of 2014 says Google

According to the latest figures released by Google, the iPhone 6 was the most searched for smartphone both in the US and worldwide.

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pressjudge1310d ago

Well it definitely had the most searches that's for sure, i think second comes Galaxy S5

Minimoth1309d ago

Yep, the Galaxy S5 came in second.

KingPin1309d ago

but was it searched for in a positive way or negative way?

i mean does searching for "iphone 6 bends" means its the right kind of popular?

Spiewie 1309d ago

It was the most over hyped phone of the year I so yeah that's fair.

AsmaMohd1308d ago

Its battery problem is really annoying, what is the purpose of a good camera? other relatively low price phones can also give the same picture quality and it gives connectivity features also like bluetooth and there're a lot of other demerits too. I really started looking for new version of android.