Will Social Media Posts Become the New Currency?

"Currency has always been representative. At one time it represented how much gold or silver a nation had in its reserves (hence the term “Pound Sterling”). More recently, money represents an amount of value theoretically based on investment and effort. Over the past three years the abstract concept of “social currency” — the accumulation and expenditure of social standing or power — has at times become a literal expression." - PSFK

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codyodiodi1309d ago

I think there is a lot of potential for consumers to become representatives on social media for businesses they support. I think it only makes sense that they'd also receive some sort of compensation. Really hope this works, it'd be pretty cool!

saqqi011302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Well!! it is predicted that year 2015 will be good for internet marketing people. Proactive people working on different social medias and forums may represent their businesses, the user generated content, Marketing events like Participatory age( Ice Bucket Challenge etc),the rise of anonymous and darker side of sharing,The regularity that people are using Facebook has dropped in younger demographics and this will start to impact the 22-35’s as people spend more time on other networks and the mature people will come into the social media will represent their objectives. So in the near future Social media will become the new currency