iPhone 7 release date, specs: Apple A9 chip manufacturing begun by Samsung

iPhone 7 should be launched next year according to rumors, but a new report about Samsung starting the manufacturing process of the Apple A9 chip just makes us even more giddy about the upcoming flagship.

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reddevilandy101314d ago

Seriously? iPhone 7 rumours already?

ChrisW1314d ago

Uh, yeah! Duh! The rumors actually started last year... Where were you?!?

Just kidding!

cell9891314d ago

they do release every year for crying out loud, does it really need to be called a rumor? its fact

Blasphemy1314d ago

i hope they come with a 2-4k screen this time.

strangeaeon1313d ago

And gamers scream about a consoles life cycle being only 5 years. Yeah, I know, apples and oranges.