Microsoft Turns New Leaf, Isn't Bothered By Windows 10 Leaks

Maximum PC: "Excuse us as we do a double take, the only normal reaction to Microsoft being totally chill with a new build of Windows 10 being leaked to the public before its intended release. We're referring to Build 9901, which contains a whole bunch of consumer-specific features and improvements, not all of them working. It leaked to the web over the weekend, and Microsoft's response is refreshingly relaxed."

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cl19831463d ago

Its better then we're not talking about that yet.

hkgamer1463d ago

doesnt every windows version get leaked?

NuggetsOfGod1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Idk but MS seem to be doing greater things than last year.

I know people may hate it I would gladly upgrade to win10 for dx12.
Something like that needs to be supported asap and I am glad MS made it.

Speed-Racer1463d ago

Windows 10 looks great. I held off from 8 but I'm taking the plunge and getting it once it comes out.