The future is here folks - jetpacks are a real thing now

Watch as the Jetman flies his jetpack while pushing the boundaries of aviation by completing a sensational formation flight.

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Spiewie 1316d ago

That looks incredible. Seems very risky though I wouldn't want to be the tester haha.

KnowTechie1316d ago

Well its good that he has flying experience, but again you're right, must be super scary to be a tester.

cl19831316d ago

I can't tell from the video, but is this a true air ram jet engine, if so coll, or is it a rocket pack built into a wing?

KnowTechie1315d ago

Not really sure to be honest.

dota2champion1315d ago

I wanna play paintball while flying with that

1Victor1315d ago

Helicopter sold separately and experience May vary from the one shown 😉✨

SilentNegotiator1315d ago

They use parachutes to land, so as far as I'm concerned, those aren't fabled jetpacks "now real", they're miniature airplanes.

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