Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 specs leaked online: another A series

"The Samsung Galaxy A5 and E7 are two new handsets from the veteran company we’ve never heard about until this recent leak. While we do know that Samsung is planning the launch of the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7, we didn’t now that a Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 were in the works."

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emilysmithltg1468d ago

Yeah, cutting back on smartphone models. Suuure.

Minimoth1468d ago

Another ridiculously big 5.5-inch phone? Who even keeps buying these?

ArtificiallyYours1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Slanted edges on a thinner profile does not make a comfortable handset.

It's sad how thinness is even a selling point with all the trade-offs of overpriced fragility.