Aside from Android, what other mobile OSes have been in your life?

While those of us at Android Authority absolutely love Android, we recognize the fact that its far from the only mobile OS out there. Furthermore, we understand that much of Android’s success was built by following some of the examples and directions of previous operating systems (and mobile operating systems) that came before it. With that in mind, for this week’s Friday Debate we talk about what mobile OSes we have used in the past — including options that still are around (WP/iOS) and older platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian and WebOS.

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Devil-X1321d ago

Aside from android, I prefer linux because I just love the idea of writing codes to do random stuff and yes also because it has helped me recover my data thrice.

KingPin1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

aside from writing code for random stuff on linux you dont have to worry about system maintenance. defragging/virus scanning/cleaners.
if doesnt use up unnecessary hard drive space making restore points every other day.
it stays fast regardless how many programs you have installed.
very minimal processes running in the background as well so you can use the RAM, its not taken up by the system.
on click update for every single program installed on your system.
it takes 20 minutes to install the entire OS from scratch.
to name a few features where linux beats windows hands down.

KingPin1320d ago

other mobile OSes in my life
had all the popular ones except iOS.

madmonkey011320d ago

i had a java based smart phone years before android or ios were thought up.