A huge leak may have just revealed the Galaxy S6’s monster specs

Various reports have claimed that Samsung is designing its next-gen top Android handset from scratch in an attempt to reinvent its flagship smartphone, as the previous Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 failed to really impress buyers. A new report from Chinese publication suggests that the Galaxy S6 might have already been spotted in AnTuTu, with the benchmark app having possibly revealed the phone’s specs in the process.

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TechImperia1473d ago

but samsung never fails to disappoint the gadget lovers hope this time it ends its streak of disappointment

Idree1472d ago

As always, specs don't mean anything to 90% of the consumers...

Most people i know are either price sensitive and go for a budget Android smartphone.
The others just really want an iPhone...

No1 really bothers with specs nowadays xD

FragMnTagM1472d ago

No one bothers with specs? Then why are gadget makers constantly pushing specs? Specs sell gadgets believe it or not.

If all you are into is iPhone's I can see why you would say that specs are not a priority.....

They are overpriced for their specs.

Android is by far the biggest market and pushes specs every year, but specs don't mean anything to 90% of consumers? Your statement makes zero sense.

I know there are budget android phones and they make up a big chunk of those numbers but what you are saying is still pretty silly.

Watari3211472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Buy the iPhone made by Americans for Americans.

Profchaos1472d ago

Grand Theft Auto V - Keynote/Jay Norris Death Sce…:

This pretty much sums apple up perfectly.

SniperControl1472d ago

Urrm, made by Foxxcon in china with cheap labour.......

eferreira1472d ago

Yes. I want 40 gigs of ram and a 50 core processor to check email, Facebook and play nes with a touch screen.