Tommy Hilfiger launches solar power jackets to charge your phone

The clothing label has developed a range of clothing embedded with solar panels so that you always have backup power for your devices.

It's happened to the best of us: you're out and about, just doing you thing, when your phone/tablet/iPod/handheld gaming system runs clean out of power. And sure, there are a bunch of products on the market to help you out in these situations -- but most of them are an extra device that you have to remember to charge, then carry around with you.

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Dasteru1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that tacky contraption. Save yourself $560 and just get a portable recharger like the Jackery Giant+.

It is only $39 on US Amazon atm,

Canada $49:

Spend the difference on a jacket that actually looks decent.