iPhone 6 clone offers better specs, sapphire display, lower price tag

Chinese manufactured iPhone 6 replica comes with better specs, sapphire display, lower price tag, and Android KitKat on board.

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sarawithteeth1324d ago

It will be interesting to see if this pushes Apple to break out of their rut.

ChrisW1321d ago

I still wonder about this sapphire display. Wasn't iPhone 6 suppose to have it, yet they have many scratch complaints?

methegreatone1321d ago

It still won't run half as good, because its basically an Android phone. Specs don't mean anything. I have a high end Android phone which I'm very happy with, but I know for a fact that the competing iphone model at any given time will simply perform much better.
When it comes to games, there isn't any comparison. The iphone always has better visual quality and framerates, despite having lower specs. Not to mention iOS has all the good 'AAA' games, while Android is stuck with a lot of the AAA games that don't even work well on mobile, like Modern Combat and whatnot.

This is changing though. You can now find XCOM, Republique and other great games on Android too.

I do appreciate the flexibility I get from my Android phone. The closed iOS experience doesn't allow for some very basic features especially when it comes to sharing, but this iphone clone thing is pointless. Give credit to Apple for what it does right