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Android Lollipop for HTC One M8 delayed yet again

The Android Lollipop roll out for the HTC One M8 and HTC one M7 Google Play Editions has been delayed once again. An ETA has not been given.

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pressjudge1328d ago

To much waiting for this update.

Devil-X1328d ago

Not cool at all, users have waitied long for this update already.

pressjudge1327d ago

Sucking on more lollipops until the update arrives :)

Devil-X1326d ago

Don't ate em all or next thing we know is HTC blaming you for the delayed update. XD!

sealava1326d ago

Android Lollipop for Samsung S 5 is already starting to hit European countries .
and HTC Google Play Editions has been delayed !? wow HTC :(