The next version of Google Glass might have Intel Inside

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, it looks like Intel may be supplying the processor for the next iteration of Google Glass, which is expected to arrive sometime next year. The move would see Intel's chips replacing the Texas Instruments chips currently used in Google's head-mounted wearable.

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Devil-X1327d ago

If Google is now looking to go down the hill, this is it.

reddevilandy101327d ago

This sounds really plausible, but whether it'll cost less than a car is another story.

Devil-X1326d ago

This will be just, an another failure if you ask me.

reddevilandy101326d ago

Probably. It's not like Google Glass is a popular or relatively helpful piece of hardware right now either. It's not likely to change.

Devil-X1326d ago

@RedDevil Yea, and if it was in Korea, Google Glass would have already be banned in public, just for being too ugly.