Most Popular Android Phone of 2014: OnePlus One

There are so many great Android phones on the market right now that no list could contain them all, but when we asked you for your picks, you gave us a great selection. We looked at the five best Android phones of the year based on those picks, and after over 38,000 votes, it's time to highlight your favorite.

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Devil-X1329d ago

OnePlus One wins hands down.

TechImperia1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

and i am still waiting for its invite

Devil-X1328d ago

People are still waiting in line for invites and here you're just waiting for an invoice? why didn't you just call them up buddy if you didn't get your invoice. can't see where the problem is.

Speed-Racer1327d ago

biggest deal breaker for me is its enormous size.

Sahil1327d ago

Im glad to see the Moto X and Sony Z3 made the list. Good to see quality phones that arent the size of aircraft carriers.

CyberT1327d ago

If anybody wants an invite join OnePlus forums and send me a PM. My invites only last for 1 day so be quick.